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CVS Reifen GmbH

CVS Reifen GmbH has been operating in the field of used tyre collection and disposal throughout Germany for 30 years and is certified as a ‘Specialist Disposal Business’.Read more.


Have your used tyres recycled by a ‘Specialist Disposal Business’. This is the only way to ensure that your tyres get professionally and correctly recycled.
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Our reusable tyres are in the main exported to countries elsewhere in Europe and all around the world.
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Trade + Export

Most of the reusable tyres get exported abroad. All sizes and qualities are to be found in our warehouse halls.
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In premises of over 20,000m² tyres get sorted into all sizes and quality grades and stored in the duly designated places.
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Trade, export and import

Always over 25,000 used tyres in stock!

Our reusable tyres are largely allocated for export to the USA, Russia, Australia, Asia, Central Asia, Africa, South America and other countries in Europe. A portion of the tyres goes to remoulding companies in Germany and abroad.

You will find all sizes in every quality in our clearly laid-out warehouse halls. These range from tyres ‘with a visible tread’ to tyres that are almost as good as new with a tread of up to 7-8mm.

Lagerung der Reifen bei CVS Gebrauchtreifen in Regale einsortiert

Our constant stock of second-hand tyres:

  • car and jeep tyres

  • motorbike tyres

  • truck and van tyres

  • tractor tyres
  • industrial and EM tyres

  • steel and aluminium rims of all makes

  • motorbike and car inner tubes

  • truck and tractor inner tubes

We also always have large numbers of steel and aluminium wheel rims of all makes in stock, as well as inner tubes for motorbikes, cars, trucks and tractors.

We would be happy to welcome you to our premises to prepare an individual quotation for you. Our expert team will then be able to help you pick the right tyres. There are ample cage pallets available for storing your sorted goods. Using these the goods can be driven right up to the container vehicle.

And if you don’t have time yourself:

An e-mail or a fax with your order is all it takes – and in next to no time your order will be ready to ship!

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