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CVS Reifen GmbH

CVS Reifen GmbH has been operating in the field of used tyre collection and disposal throughout Germany for 30 years and is certified as a ‘Specialist Disposal Business’.Read more.


Have your used tyres recycled by a ‘Specialist Disposal Business’. This is the only way to ensure that your tyres get professionally and correctly recycled.
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Our reusable tyres are in the main exported to countries elsewhere in Europe and all around the world.
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Trade + Export

Most of the reusable tyres get exported abroad. All sizes and qualities are to be found in our warehouse halls.
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In premises of over 20,000m² tyres get sorted into all sizes and quality grades and stored in the duly designated places.
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Get rid of your ‘old ones’ at CVS

Bild einer Sortiermaschine

The collected tyres get sorted by our trained staff on premises of over 26,000m2…

  • sorted by size and quality

  • checked for any damage

  • sorted for disposal



Lagerhalle für Reifen

… and put into store in the appropriate place:

  • carcasses

  • high tread of 6mm or more

  • checked tyres with 2mm tread

  • tyres with 4mm tread in pairs

  • Lagerregale mit Reifen
  • 6mm tread in unusual sizes

  • rims
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