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CVS Reifen GmbH

CVS Reifen GmbH has been operating in the field of used tyre collection and disposal throughout Germany for 30 years and is certified as a ‘Specialist Disposal Business’.Read more.


Have your used tyres recycled by a ‘Specialist Disposal Business’. This is the only way to ensure that your tyres get professionally and correctly recycled.
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Our reusable tyres are in the main exported to countries elsewhere in Europe and all around the world.
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Trade + Export

Most of the reusable tyres get exported abroad. All sizes and qualities are to be found in our warehouse halls.
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In premises of over 20,000m² tyres get sorted into all sizes and quality grades and stored in the duly designated places.
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CVS Reifen was founded in February 1982 and registered as a limited company, a GmbH, in December 1983 in the companies register in Wetzlar.

The then managing director’s business idea was a nationwide used tyre recycling and disposal operation.

Up until 1997 we obtained our used tyres almost exclusively via sub-contractors, which we supported at set-up and also later constantly trained. After the company’s certification in 1995 and the split away from all sub-contractors in 1998, we began to collect used tyres independently, using our own vehicles and staff. Through reliability and strength of purpose we succeeded in securing ourselves a permanent place as a tyre recycling and disposal operator for a range of companies. This success reached its highpoint in 2000 when Volkswagen AG became a client.

Luftansicht der CVS-Reifen GmbH in Asslar im Jahr 2000 Luftansicht der CVS Reifen GmbH in Asslar im Jahr 2003 Luftansicht der CVS Reifen GmbH in Asslar im Jahr 2005 Aerial photographs of the Aßlar site in 2000, 2003 and 2005.

With a determined and disciplined approach, we are today integrated at high-profile companies as a permanent recycling and disposal partner. Our vehicle fleet consists today of five container trucks, five trucks each with a 7.5-ton trailer, one 6.5-ton truck and one 7.5-ton truck, plus an additional 5 swap bodies and multiple vans.

The constantly increasing number of now 130 containers for tipper trucks, each with a volume of 40m³, can be transported at short notice using 5 container trucks.

We now have the capacity to process around 100 tons of used tyres (equivalent to c. 13,000 units) every day on premises of over 26,000m², of which c. 10,000m² are under cover. At our Aßlar site we have another 6,000m² of storage capacity and 2,000m² of indoor industrial space available to us.

CVS Reifen neues Gebäude Luftaufnahme
Aerial photograph of the Löhnberg site