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CVS Reifen GmbH

CVS Reifen GmbH has been operating in the field of used tyre collection and disposal throughout Germany for 30 years and is certified as a ‘Specialist Disposal Business’.Read more.


Have your used tyres recycled by a ‘Specialist Disposal Business’. This is the only way to ensure that your tyres get professionally and correctly recycled.
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Our reusable tyres are in the main exported to countries elsewhere in Europe and all around the world.
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Trade + Export

Most of the reusable tyres get exported abroad. All sizes and qualities are to be found in our warehouse halls.
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In premises of over 20,000m² tyres get sorted into all sizes and quality grades and stored in the duly designated places.
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About us

We are a used tyre collection and disposal company that has been operating in this sector for 30 years throughout the Federal Republic of Germany. We hold a certificate as a ‘Specialist Disposal Business’.

In 2011, we took collection of around 15,000 tons of used tyres, employing exclusively our own staff and using our own vehicles.

These old tyres get processed using the R3 procedure and are initially sorted at our storage site into ‘re-use’ or ‘disposal’. The proportion of tyres allocated for re-use was c. 40% in 2011. The remaining 60% was supplied to various cement works, granulating and recycling plants for incineration.

The majority of the reusable tyres are exported around the world to countries and continents such as the USA, Russia, Australia, Asia, Central Asia, Africa, South America and Europe. In addition, we also supply remoulding companies both in Germany and elsewhere in Europe with tyre carcasses.

For the tyres intended for complete disposal we have two in-house shredder plants with sieves, which are approved pursuant to Articles 19, 10 and 4 of the Federal Emission Control Act (BimSchG) in combination with the fourth directive on implementation of the BimSchG in combination with no. 8.11, column 2b) bb) of the appendix. The tyre cuttings produced in this way are delivered to, among others, a German cement works for incineration and provided to various recycling companies for further utilisation.

Geschäftsführer Idris Günay
General Manager Idris Günay

Our company currently employs 40 members of staff, of which 27 are solely responsible for collecting and sorting the used tyres.

Our vehicle fleet consists of five container trucks, five trucks each with a 7.5-ton trailer, one 6.5-ton truck and one 7.5-ton truck, plus an additional 5 swap bodies and multiple vans. In total we have over 130 containers for bulk tippers (constantly rising) with a volume of 40m³.

Through the company’s expansion in 2009 to the Löhnberg site we created additional storage capacity of c. 26,000m², of which c. 10,000m² is under cover. At our Aßlar site we have 6,000m² of storage capacity and 2,000m² of indoor industrial space available to us. We have fitted this out with fire detector and sprinkler systems compliant with the latest fire safety provisions.

By virtue of our many years of experience in the field of used tyre disposal and the constant training of our staff, we are always able to guarantee you environmentally compatible collection and recycling or disposal of your old tyres carried out in accordance with the statutory regulations.